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Ohio Safety Net Dental Clinics is a comprehensive online portal to the tools and information necessary to start and maintain the operations and delivery of health care services in safety net dental clinics in Ohio.
Read about Ohio's safety net dental clinics.

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

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» Clinic Spotlight: OSU Dental HOME Coach

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Distance Learning

Eight distance learning curricula available

Online training in clinic operations, financial management, and clinical care for staff. Continuing education credits and self-assessment quizzes are available.

News and Resources

» Delta Dental Foundation is accepting applications for Brighter Futures Community Grants program. Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded to local not-for-profit programs designed to promote oral health in Michigan, Indiana and/or Ohio.

» COHAT releases toolkit: Children's Oral Health: Recent Research and Best Practice Recommendations

» New! Ohio School Nurse Toolkit from the Children's Oral Health Action Team helps plan and implement an oral health program in schools and school districts

» School-Based Dental Sealant Program Reference Guide for Tooth Surface Assessment and Selection
This pocket guide reviews the criteria and methods for tooth selection prior to sealant placement, repair, or replacement

Operational Manuals

 Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual

Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual
Intended to assist oral health professionals implement a safety net dental clinic. Includes links to sample policies, budget worksheets, design tips, equipment photos, and websites.

Mobile-Portable Dental Manual

Mobile-Portable Dental Manual
Iinformation to help make decisions about programs using mobile vehicles, portable equipment, or a combination system.

Snapshot of Ohio's Safety Net Dental Clinics

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Safety Net Dental Clinics

Interactive pie charts show the distribution of safety net dental clinics in Ohio.

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Accessing Oral Health Care in Ohio


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